Francesca Baerald

Freelance Artist and Cartographer with 7+ years experience working in the game and publishing industry for companies such as Square Enix, Games Workshop, Paizo, Fantasy Flight Games and Dark Horse.

My favourite media are traditional. Watercolour, ink, acrylic and oil are my daily work tools. But I also work with Photoshop on daily basis. I love to bring worlds to life through my detailed maps and lively paintings and I’m always looking for new challenging projects!

Past and present clients:
Square Enix  –  Dark Horse  –  Fantasy Flight Games  –  Paizo Publishing  –  Games Workshop  –  Simon&Schuster  –  Modiphius Entertainment  –  Mondadori  –  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt –  WYRD Edizioni  –  Bloomsbury Publishing  –  Triple Ace Games  –  Chaosium Inc.  –  BedRock Games  –  Gramel  –  Bug Bot Press  –  District Games  –  Savage Worlds  –  SpaceOrange42  –  Skirmisher Publishing  –  BBC Scotland  –  The Historical Game Company  –  Hill Gaming Company  –  Streetsounds Records  –  Alephtar Games

2019 – Atlas Cartography Award – Best Structure, Dungeon or Gaming Map
2018 – Atlas Cartography Award – Best Traditional Map
2017 – Atlas Cartography Award – Best Traditional Map & Best Space Map
2016 – Selected by Heavy Metal Magazine as one of the 25 best entries of the cover contest
2012 – First Place ‘Succhiasangue Contest’ by International School of Comics
2012 – First Place ‘Sexy & Chaotic Contest’ by Federico Memola
2013 – First Place ‘Disegna l’Apocalisse’ Contest by Paolo Barbieri and Chrysalide Mondadori

Publications on magazines and Illustration books:

Heavy Metal Magazine #282  –  Popular Science Magazine  –  Infected by Art 3  –  Infected by Art 2  –  American Spirit  –  Little Book of Monsters Vol.1

Gratuated with full marks and honor
Illustration – International School of Comics (Italy)